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Seven years ago, AVAION had the words Selfreflection tattooed on his arm as a promise to himself that one day this would be the title of his debut album. Exhibiting a life of pure conviction to his art form, Selfreflection, and the immense journey of AVAION, now manifests into a 15-track compilation of music for dancing or dreaming depending how you’re feeling.

As the sole producer, lyricist, and vocalist behind his original works, Selfreflection is AVAION’s evolutionary artistic journey is laid out in chapters.

Opening the odyssey of juxtaposing sonics is the dainty acoustic introspection of the Interlude which seamlessly transitions into ‘Pieces,’ one of the most profound plot twists in AVAION’s story to date. As AVAION’s debut signing to Sony Music in 2019, ‘Pieces’ resonated with a global audience, hooked on his and relatability so much so, that today the single stands at over 240 million worldwide streams and counting, and scored certified gold status in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, as well as platinum in Switzerland and double platinum in South Africa.

Further fan-adorned singles feature in AVAION’s narrative including ‘Other Side’ in collaboration with fellow German producer BUNT. which eases the tempo up a notch and samples AVAION’s club orientated sound. Select few collaborations feature on Selfreflection, with ‘Where did you go’ a partnership with MAGNUS, and album exclusive ‘Heaven to me’ featuring Tudor.

Amongst the feelings of pure dancefloor escapism, Selfreflction’s most impactful narrator is AVAION’s own inner monologue itself. Tracks such as unapologetically authentic ‘Broken,’ which creates space for feelings of hurt and heartache through a synth-lead escapde, and 2024 single ‘Call my name’ which treads ambient soundwaves and lyrics that share the angst of vulnerability.

Along with unreleased compositions, such as acoustically intertwined ‘Stay’ and melodic stutter house mover ‘So lone’ AVAION’s full skillset and splendour as a producer, vocalist and core visionary of his artistic entity, is on display.

AVAION has made it his life’s musical craft putting the most and human of thoughts and emotions into sonic format, in the hope of letting others know that nobody is alone in this world, and this, Selfreflection is the result.

AVAION is set to celebrate the album release with his debut headline tour ‘For The Vibes’ starting in May 2024 and covering some of Europe’s top cities including Paris, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam and more. For information and tickets: www.avaionmusic.com

Stream/download: https://avaion.lnk.to/selfreflection

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