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In an ingenious interpolation, multi-instrumentalist Youngr celebrates British acid jazz band Jamiroquai and his pick of their most revered releases with new single ‘Cosmic Insanity.’ Including ‘Virtual Insanity’ and ‘Cosmic Girl,’ Youngr creates his own stellar arrangement that strips back to raw acoustics and slaps down a heavy helping of funk.

Landing on self-started imprint Blue Llama Records, ‘Cosmic Insanity’ is yet another insight into the creative extents of Youngr, whose one-take videos of song covers have become a thing of online legend, amassing over 100 million total views.

‘Cosmic Insanity’ rides in on a solid bass, deep warped synth, and percussive rhythm, which play out the unmistakable medley of ‘Virtual Insanity’ in the lead-up to Youngr’s isolated vocal break. Swiftly moving to ‘Cosmic Girl’, the journey continues with a smooth house keys melody picking up the groove. Borrowing a dose of funk from ‘Little L’ and going all-out dance on the infectious number ‘Canned Heat’, Youngr masterfully embellishes this timeless track with his signature style.

On the release, Youngr commented: “I would challenge anyone over the age of, let’s say, 32, to NOT like Jamiroquai! They’re just one of those bands that absolutely nailed it. Growing up, my Mum had their albums on heavy rotation in the house so often that I feel like their sound is in my musical DNA! So, it only felt right that I put my own spin on some of my favourite records of theirs. I dug out my sparkliest tracksuit and gave it a go!”


“The craziest part is a few weeks after releasing the video of me jamming the idea on social media…Jay Kay (lead vocalist) had an interview with Zane Lowe and mentioned that he’d seen my version and loved it! So that was a serious milestone for me.”


The release of ‘Cosmic Insanity’ coincides with Young’s debut tour across Australia and New Zealand, with club shows kicking off in Perth, followed by Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, and Melbourne, culminating in a headline performance at Subsonic Music Festival 2023. ‘Cosmic Insanity’ life will surely make its indelible mark as a crowd-pleaser.

Youngr casts new single ‘Cosmic Insanity’ into the universe. Out now on Blue Llama Records.

Download/Stream: https://ditto.fm/cosmic-insanity

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