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Darude & Gid Sedgwick team up on dancefloor disruptor ‘Nobody Listens’


This summer, famed dance icon Darude and British singer/songwriter Gid Sedgwick sparked up a debut collaboration resulting in energised dancefloor disruptor ‘Nobody Listens’ on Vibing Out.

The collaborative release follows on from Darude’s earlier 2023 single ‘Outlaws’, which marked the launch of the Finnish superstar DJ and producer’s Vibing Out record label.

Commanding your full attention, ‘Nobody Listens’ is super-charged with uplifting builds, powerful keys and radiant melodies. Along with the impassioned vocal lead of Gid Sedgwick’s unmistakable acoustic tones, the slick sound design imprints onto your mind, and the dance-driven drops pack in all the euphoric, serotonin-surging energy needed for a summer dance anthem.

Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate, Dash Berlin, and now Darude are a flex of Gid Sedgwick’s extensive catalogue in the realms of trance, progressive House and dance music. Coming together through mutual admiration for each other’s craft, Gid Sedgwick’s emotive vocals and Darude’s effervescent production style solidify this as a partnership of epic proportions we’ve been waiting for.

Darude and Gid Sedgwick’s debut collaboration ‘Nobody Listens’ is out now on Vibing Out.

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