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Edinburgh duo Swamp People share seamless 3-track EP under deep house imprint Dealt With Records


On their latest release with Dealt With Records, Swamp People aim to leave an indelible mark on the sonic landscape. The musical process began with them holed up in their studio, the duo embarked on a musical journey, finding inspiration in herbal remedies to help shape their creative vision.

This 3-track EP ‘Abstract’ is a culmination of thoughts and feelings expressed in musical form via electronic hardware and music making software. Isn’t it magical that transient thought and sound can be captured to be experienced, at any time, for our pleasure, to nod our heads, punch the air and kick our feet on the dancefloor?

Swamp People extend an invitation to navigate the complex pathways of their perception of life, urging us to immerse ourselves in a sonic expedition through space and time. As they materialise their vision into sound, the lines between the intangible and the concrete blur, resulting in a sonic masterpiece that resonates with both deep introspection and the euphoria of the dance floor.

The title track, ‘Abstract,’ exudes so much energy and vitality that it resembles house music rubbing shoulders with techno — albeit in a more laid-back fashion. It delivers a pulsating, propulsive drive infused with elements of serene euphoria, providing those moments where you can catch your breath or share a tender moment before thrusting your fist into the air once more.

A standout feature of the track is its robust and continuously evolving bassline, reminiscent of 90s Groove Armada. ‘Abstract’ envelops your senses with pads, echoed keys, and an acid line that subtly taps away at a higher frequency, just barely perceptible. It’s a track guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

Tailored for peak-time dancefloors, ‘Abstract’ serves as an excellent showcase of Swamp People’s upbeat and heavily affected sound.

‘Aidas’ is a uniquely off-kilter piece of house music, emanating an almost ominous atmosphere. The composition is enriched with multi-layered rhythms and smoky organ tones, further enhanced by echoes and reverberations that intricately fill your auditory space with a sense of depth.

The title, ‘Aidas,’ directly translates to ‘Echo’ in Lithuanian, a choice that reflects the duo’s penchant for this particular effect among others.

‘Aidas (Ráfla Remix)’ Dealt With artist Ráfla, eager to share more music, enthusiastically took up the opportunity to remix Swamp People’s ‘Aidas.’

Ráfla streamlined the track while preserving its atmospheric essence. A distinctive bassline runs consistently, punctuating the remix and introducing a rhythmic dimension distinct from the original. Vintage key sounds intermittently interject, and acid segments bubble up from the ether, resulting in a genuinely cool yet bumpin’ house track.

Swamp People ‘Abstract’ is out now on Dealt With Records.

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