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Professional 4-channel rotary mixing console



Main features

Euphoric sound with digital clarity and analog polish from the Rupert Neve Designs transformer


The Euphonia produces a euphoric sound with the clarity of digital and the richness of analog that has never been heard before in a DJ mixer. To deliver clearer sound quality that accurately reproduces the expression of music, the Euphonia uses high-quality 32-bit A/D and D/A converters, as well as 96 kHz/floating-point mixing processing operations. 64-bit in the DSP, using digital signal processing technology that AlphaTheta has developed for many years.

All sound coming out of the Euphonia passes through a transformer circuit designed jointly by AlphaTheta and Rupert Neve Designs, the legendary creators of exceptional analog audio circuits and mixing consoles revered by artists and sound engineers around the world. This transformer circuit, tuned specifically for the Euphonia, adds harmonics to the music and creates a bright, energetic sound that’s smoother to mix. Low frequencies, such as kick drums and bass, are more stable and punchy, mid frequencies, such as vocals and instruments, have more presence and brightness, and high frequencies, such as hi-hats, sound smooth and natural. The transformer breaks the barrier between classic live sounds and modern electric sounds, making mixing easier and surprisingly natural, as if recordings in different styles were originally a single piece of music.


Specially developed rotary fader makes you feel in harmony with the music

When you touch the Euphonia’s faders, you won’t want to let go. To enhance your intuitive mixing experience, the unit features rotary faders with a new, carefully developed design to give you the feeling that you and the mixer are one. After extensive testing, the perfect knob sizes were chosen, with an elastomer applied to the outer circumference of each to ensure a comfortable and reliable grip, as well as a high level of vibration absorption.

The mechanism developed exclusively for the faders also provides optimal weighting. You will notice a difference in the feel of the knobs when you turn them at different speeds, as a higher resistance is applied when you turn a knob slowly for a delicate adjustment and a lower resistance is applied when you turn a knob quickly, to instantly reach the desired volume level. And the fader volume curves have been optimized thanks to feedback from numerous DJs, allowing for a smooth, natural mix without EQ, so you can focus on volume control. This innovative fader allows for musical expression that will move your audience and enhance your performance.

Energy Visualizer to understand the overall sound at first glance

Get an instant visual understanding of the status of your mix and the balance of track volume levels by taking a look at Euphonia’s Energy Visualizer. Conventional VU meters only have one needle meter, making it difficult for DJs to pick up multiple channel levels at the same time. The Mix Level Meter developed exclusively for the Euphonia features a needle meter for each channel, allowing you to visually check the levels of all channels and mix smoothly while maintaining rhythm. You can even observe the balance of the Master output at a glance by looking at the Spectrum Analyzer, which helps you keep your mixes sounding consistent and smooth, even on a long set, while you “watch” the Euphonia output and adjust it to suit your needs. create your perfect sound.


Latest generation Master Isolator 3Band that transforms sensitivity into sound at your will
Highest quality isolator

The size of the isolator knobs is perfect for quick turns from center to maximum or minimum, and the torque load is perfectly balanced for fast operation and fine-tuning of sound quality, with a luxurious feel that doesn’t go unnoticed. . The cutoff frequency and slope are set to control and highlight the kick drum, melody and rhythm in a natural and clear way.

New Boost Send for one-handed effects application

Adds one of the built-in Send Effects, or an effect from an external unit, to the sound of any of the Master Isolator frequency bands. Press the Boost Send button for the low, mid or high band and as you turn the isolator knob, the effect will be applied to that band. This allows you to apply effects with just one hand when you previously needed both, leaving your other hand free to mix another track.


Boost Level to help you express your style

Choose the Boost Level setting that suits your playing style and the volume level of each frequency band will increase by the corresponding amount. Choose +12dB for dynamic performances, +6dB for sound quality adjustments and 0dB for reverb effects without any volume increase.


Built-in Send FX to add depth and width to your sound

The Euphonia features 5 built-in spatial effects and a high-pass filter, so you can easily add depth and width to your music. These are: Delay, Tape Echo, Echo Verb, Reverb, Shimmer and HPF (High Pass Filter). There’s also a Send/Return section that gives you the option to connect external effects units. A dedicated knob on each channel lets you adjust the signal level you send to the selected effect, so you apply the right amount. And the Time knob, which allows you to adjust the time of the Delay and Reverb effect, has a patented mechanism developed specifically for this unit that automatically switches between a clicky feel and a non-clicky feel depending on the effect you’ve selected. When using Delay, Tape Echo, and Echo Verb, the knob clicks based on the BPM, so you can quickly apply effects. When you use Reverb and Shimmer, there are no clicks, so you can turn the knob freely to perform smooth sweeps or make small adjustments to find the perfect setting.


Design that embodies a new era of rotary mixers

The Euphonia was designed to signal a new era of rotary mixers, with a “two-tone, two-ply” look that symbolizes tradition and innovation. The channel section, comprising traditional mixing console elements, is distinguished from the innovative display section by matte and glossy textures, resulting in a crisp design that combines analog and digital elements. The copper color of the main knobs conveys the warmth of analog sound and the wooden side panels are painted black to match the overall aesthetic.

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