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You have been in the dance music scene for some time now after moving from a neo-folk/ indie background, do you feel se=led in to dance music now or might we see something different again in the future?

I feel very settled in the dance music genre of music at the moment. I think if anything I’d just like to try a few different styles of dance music in the future. For non-dance I have a side project that I can use to release, but my main focus is Lilly Ahlberg, and writing dance music.

Prior to ‘Hit The Ground’, you had a successful release in the form of a collaboration with rayn on ‘Come So Far’, how did this come about and how was the process?

I wrote ‘come so far’ with Kal Lavelle and Sam Berson in November last year, it was inspired by my boyfriend trying to cheer me up one day when I was feeling a bit down. Since I’ve started working on producing, I sometimes ask for just the chords and vocals after a session so I can play around with some production, and so I did a little bit with ‘come so far’, then sent it to Rayn more so for feedback, but he loved it and wanted to jump on it and add some more production, then he had the opportunity to release it just a month later so that’s what we did!

I heard that the ideas for ‘Hit The Ground’ came while on a Zoom meeting? Can you just give some insight on how this release came together?

Yes that’s right. It was a zoom session between me, Rory O’Hare and Gamuel Sori. I think going into the session no one was really sure what we were doing, but then Rory sent over some chords he’d been working on before the session and I really loved them and almost immediately heard the melody and lyric ‘do I lose you now, or do I wait all we hit the ground?’. The song flowed out very easily and I love when that happens! A5er that I added some electric guitar just to add a bit more ‘Lilly’ to it, and it was then worked on my Nathan C who sprinkled some extra magic on top.

Regarding creative process, how did lockdown change your approach to creating music if at all? Did you find any positives that came from that challenging time?

Lockdown definitely had a big impact because everyone started doing sessions over Zoom, and people started working with just sending ideas back and forth over the internet. I actually quite enjoyed it! I do love doing sessions in the studio with people and I love the social aspect of it, but I feel like on Zoom sessions I can be more focused and more in the zone because there aren’t as many distractions. Covid has definitely changed the game still to this day because now I’m still using it to write with people all over the world which is sick!

When you’re not making music what do you find yourself doing the most?

I am a bit of a gym/health nut, so I either always go to the gym or for a walk in the mornings before I start my day. I also love food, I’m a massive foodie. I love going out for dinners and seeing friends! I also spend a lot of 3me watching TV shows/movies and reading books, as I do need that escape some3mes a5er my brain has been working hard with being creative!

Of all of the places you have spent time growing up, which place do you feel gives you the most inspiration when creating music?

I think because I first started my journey into the music industry in Sweden, I worked mostly with Swedish people in the beginning, and it has shaped me in some ways because I tend to write quite poppy/Scandinavian melodies. I also spent my first teenage years in Sweden, and I do pull a lot of inspiration from those times when I write songs, but living in London now and for the past 7 years I feel like I do draw most of my inspiration from here as I’m always surrounded by it.

What is your dream gig? Big festival mainstage or small and intimate? Describe it for us.

Definitely a big festival on the mainstage would be GOALS. I’d love to perform during the 3me when the sun sets in the summer, going from the so5 glow from the sun into the dark night as I feel like it would capture the mood of my music the best!

What else can we expect from Lilly Ahlberg in 2024?

Lots of solo releases, features and other co-writes will be coming this year. Hopefully some more tracks where I’ve been part of the production of the song too, fingers crossed!

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