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OMNIS-DUO – AlphaTheta’s New Portable All-In-One DJ System


AlphaTheta has stepped into the realm of next-generation standalone units with the Omnis Duo, a portable and versatile DJ controller. This innovative device represents a departure from the company’s previous releases, boasting a sleek design and intuitive layout aimed at meeting the evolving needs of DJs.

In terms of aesthetics, the Omnis Duo stands out with its dark blue, slightly rubberized finish and rounded corners, exuding both durability and style. While larger than its competitor, the Denon DJ Prime Go, this size differential allows for more substantial jog wheels, providing DJs with enhanced control during performances.

Breaking away from traditional design conventions, AlphaTheta has prioritized simplicity and accessibility in the Omnis Duo’s layout. The controller features rubberized hot cue and loop pads, standard play/pause buttons, and a user-friendly mixer section equipped with essential controls such as EQ and trim adjustments. These design choices cater to a broad spectrum of users, from novices to seasoned professionals.

Central to the Omnis Duo is its flat glass-topped screen, boasting a smart dark-on-light interface. Although not on par with tablet screens, the high-resolution display offers clear and responsive navigation. Connectivity options abound, including USB-C power input, SD card slot, USB stick slot, and multiple USB-C ports for computer connections. Additionally, the inclusion of master XLR outputs, booth RCA outs, and microphone inputs ensures seamless integration into various setups.

A standout feature of the Omnis Duo is its Bluetooth capability, enabling DJs to record up to 10 minutes from a Bluetooth input for manipulation within the unit. This innovative functionality expands the controller’s versatility, particularly for DJs incorporating tracks from non-Rekordbox sources.


In terms of performance, the Omnis Duo excels in basic DJing functions, with responsive jog wheels and intuitive controls. The waveform view and library functionalities prioritize ease of navigation and track selection. However, the absence of key shift or key sync features may deter DJs reliant on harmonic mixing techniques.

Despite its slightly flimsy USB-C power option, the Omnis Duo’s universal charging capabilities and quick battery charging make it an ideal choice for mobile DJs and those in need of a portable secondary system.


In conclusion, the AlphaTheta Omnis Duo represents a forward-thinking approach to standalone DJ controllers, combining sleek design with intuitive functionality to meet the diverse demands of modern DJs.

Check out the new portable all-in-one system here.

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